Oktoberfest 2015




Marching in

"Keg opening"

O'zapft is!

First dance


We got to do
this one

Ladies first

Then the guys

Lots of fun

First dance with the

Very impressive

This requires
some skills!

Mug holding
contest ladies

And then the guys

And the winners
Marg and Clif
(Clif won the third time in a row!)

Funny "switch
the hat" game
for the girls

And the guys
got some dancing

It was a fun
night, for sure!

And thanks to all
the dressed up

Thanks a lot for a great party night!

Special thanks to:
The Bavarian Schuhplattlers of Edmonton
Clif Chapman (Delivery and Photos)
Chuck Lammers (Entertaining)


Oktoberfest 2014

Mayor Joe Cameron
opened the festivity

Nail game

handy ladies

Chuck explains the
calf measuring

And off they went...

Fun for all

Full house

Strong ladies

And strong guys

young and old


Only two left

And the winner
was Clif again!

Best costume
Tim Brietzke

Brothers? ;)

We got them again...

Looks good, eh!

Some danced

Others played the
nail game

All had fun!

Thanks a lot!
We had less people,
but more fun than last year.

Special thanks to:
Clif Chapman (Delivery and Photos)
Chuck Lammers (Entertaining)


Oktoberfest 2013

We tried to top last years decoration....

Prost, Chuck!

The traditional
nail game

Also for
the guys

Full house!

Mug holding ladies

... and gentleman

This years winner:
80 year old Clif!


Drinking contest ladies
(alcoholfree beer!)

And something
different for the guys

Winners of the
wrapping game

That's cheating,
Sonny - no hands!!

Dancing to a German
party song

no language
barrier here

The highest bid for the
3L beerglass came from
Linda Johnson, thank you!

The Calgary Ladies
were so much fun!

Thanks for coming!

The team:
Silke, Micha, Solli,
Chuck, Hjordis and Sarah

Thanks a lot!
It was awesome, as usual.

Special thanks to:
Clif Chapman
Chuck Lammers (Entertaining and Delivery)
All dressed up people


Oktoberfest 2012

We spent hours decorating....

Mike, Debra
and Chuck

Mayor Debra

Good to see you guys

Mugholding contest

The Winner
Donna Dolany

The Nail Game
Ladies round


The guys were
even worse!


These two were
fighting so hard
so they won both

More dressed up
people - great!

Drinking contest

The winner
Jessica Rosiechuk

The "drinks"
for the guys

Go Klaus!

They tried their

Fun to watch too...

The girls and Chuck

Full house

And we had some
couples dancing too!!!

Cowboys at
Oktoberfest :)

What are you guys
contemplating about?

Thank you so much!
It was great!

Special thanks to:
Debra Smith (Mayor of the Village of Lougheed)
Chuck Lammers (Entertaining and Delivery)
All dressed up people

and the crew:
Clint, Hjordis, Linda, Sheri, Solli, Teresa and Tessa


Oktoberfest 2011

All "dressed up"


The countdown

The crew

Chuck Lammers

Doug and Sue

The minister
"in action"

Official opening

Pouring Erdinger

We always have
to do this...

The last two

And this years


Chuck and Debra

The winner for
the best costume


Calf measuring
also traditional...

Time for the
strong guys

Hard contest

The winner!

All had lots
of fun

Chuck entertained
the whole crowd

The potatoe

Iris made it!


Thanks guys!
It was awesome!

Special thanks to:
Debra Smith (Mayor of the Village of Lougheed)
Doug Griffiths (Minister of Municipal Affairs)
Clifton Chapman (photos + delivery)
and Chuck Lammers (Unikum)

and the crew:
Gail, Hjordis, Sheila, Sheri, Solli and Sue


Oktoberfest 2010


Ready to go...

Space for all

The oldest guest
had lots of fun


Deputy Mayor
Janice Bishop

Well prepared ...

...and dressed

The nail game

For all ages
and gender

Always funny

Strong ladies

Heavy mugs
filled with water

And this is

The spoon game

up and down
through the pants


Lots of beer

Doug and Clif
(who took these pictures)

Looks empty, eh?

The orange dance

Late at night

What do you want?

Ah! Shooters...

The day after

Could have been

See you
next year....

Thank you for a great party.

The oldest guest was 84 years old.
We had guest from Lethbridge, Crowsnest Pass,
Thorsby and even one from Germany.
We sold more beer "per head" as on the real
Oktoberfest in Munich!
Go Canadians!


Oktoberfest 2009

Decoration and lots of space for all the guests.

Lots of fun for everyone.....