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Micha Micha

Micha, the cook

He grew up in the Ruhr area in North-Rhine Westphalia. At the age of 14 he started to help out in the little restaurant of his parents. That's where he learned the basics of home cooking. His Curry sauce for example, is made according to an old recipe from Micha's mom. Other sauces, like the Peppercorn and the Falkenstein sauce are new creations. 
Micha takes pride in his cooking to be authentic from the area he comes from. The "Ruhrpott" was characterized by coal mine and steel industry. People there prefer simple, hearty meals that fill up the hungry belly but have to taste good too. 
Micha cuts the meat himself. He is a butcher, what makes you half a chef in Germany. You can be sure that you always get a fresh piece of meat. Micha would never put anything on your plate that we wouldn't eat ourselves.







SilkeSilkeSilke, waitress
She grew up close to the Danish border way up in northern Germany. After moving to the Ruhr area with Micha, they took over the little restaurant of his parents. There she learned to take care of customers and preparing salads and other sides. With the help of an old friend from Germany, a retired chef, she created the famous potato croquettes.
Silke always tries to make your stay at Haus Falkenstein pleasant. She wants to make you feel at home and well taken care of. 

SarahSarahSarah, assistant manager
She is with us since 2013, came straight from Kampala, Uganda. Sarah helped us to establish the restaurant in Lougheed and moved with us to Edmonton. She is a valuable member of our team, we wouldn't be where we are without her.